Monday, January 6, 2014

Welcome back and meet our Challenge Manager!

Wow, the holiday season zoomed by and we are all excited to be back tomorrow with a brand new sketch challenge for you!

Before tomorrow, we have a lot of exciting news to share!

  1. We now have a Challenge Manager for Seize the Sketch and I am so excited to introduce you to her!
  2. After our first challenge of the New Year, we will be going sponsor free. 
  3. We have a whole bunch of new teammates joining us for our 2nd challenge of the New Year on January 21st!!
So without further ado, let me welcome Tangii; our Challenge Manager!!

Hey!  I'm Tangii and I'm just giddy to be on this team!!  I have 3 amazing kiddo's plus my favorite, our blonde Lab and a fabulous Hubby that works really hard at being just as 'excited' about this creation as the last one, lol.    I LOVE crafting in general... and it's WAY cheaper than therapy ;) (shhhhhhhhh). I am looking forward crafting with these UBER talented ladies!!!!

We will be back tomorrow at 5am (PST)! See you then!